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The Kerr Memorial Museum features rotating displays and seasonal exhibits, so there is always something new to see!

Now on display through November 11: Victorian Secrets

What we are featuring this month at the Kerr is a peek at things that lie behind what a visitor usually sees - some of our Victorian secrets. Come learn about what was underneath the surface of the prim and proper Victorian woman as well as some information about the family and Victorian life that is not usually discussed in public.

The table is set with Haviland fish plates - there are no big secrets in this room, but you can see some of our more unique serving items!









The parlor is set with a beautiful nut dish - and you will also see (not shown here) drawings by Charles Dana Gibson, who popularized the Gibson Girl who was the epitome of female beauty at the turn of the century.







Come see some of the secret pieces of lingerie Victorian women wore under their outer garments. Nightgowns, lace caps, bustles, cotton chemises, corsets, and all the other underpinnings of Victorian dress are on display in our exhibit room.





Victorian Christmas Nov. 18th – Jan. 13th 2018 This exhibit is a perennial favorite, sure to inspire and delight our visitors of all ages with the Christmas spirit.

Friday Dec. 8th & 15th 7:00 pm $12.00 ea.
This tour is a special treat for all who attend. Come experience Victorian Christmas traditions and customs as you stroll through the house at eventide. Space is limited; must make a reservation and prepay to confirm your spot. Call 412-826-9295.

Always a reason to return!