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The Kerr Memorial Museum features rotating displays and seasonal exhibits, so there is always something new to see!

Now on display: The Circus is Coming to Town!

Visit us this May through mid-September to celebrate the golden age of the circus! Well before the advent of film, radio, or television, the circus was the largest entertainment industry in the world. By 1900 over 100 circuses were crisscrossing the country via the railroad.

The table is set with lots of treats - cotton candy, Cracker Jack, and more! In many towns, Circus Day was a major holiday - businesses and schools closed and townspeople flocked to watch the circus parade and then proceed to the circus grounds.







The parlor is full of circus-themed toys - even circus-themed music on the piano! Weeks before the circus' arrival, towns were covered in brilliantly colored posters promising the arrival of the exotic and new.







Animals from far away lands, artists performing astonishing feats, women in the ring challenging gender stereotypes and new technologies such as electric lights promised to amaze. Come and see the Kerr Museum's exhibit to experience the sights and sounds of the Victorian Era circus. Be transported back in time via costumes, toys, posters, and more!



“Victorian Secrets” Sept. 16th – Nov. 11th Come visit our fall exhibit displaying the intriguing subject of intricate, often cumbersome, but always elegant undergarments of the Victorian Era.

Victorian Christmas Nov. 18th – Jan. 13th 2018 This exhibit is a perennial favorite, sure to inspire and delight our visitors of all ages with the Christmas spirit.

Friday Dec. 8th & 15th 7:00 pm $12.00 ea.
This tour is a special treat for all who attend. Come experience Victorian Christmas traditions and customs as you stroll through the house at eventide. Space is limited; must make a reservation and prepay to confirm your spot. Call 412-826-9295.

Always a reason to return!